Welcome to The Haruspex

A haruspex reads auguries by examining the entrails of sacrificial animals: chickens, classically. I figure it suggests I use outdated technologies with highly dubious, but I hope interesting, results. There’s another haruspex out in blogworld, but he or she is in Melbourne, Australia, and I am in Brooklyn, New York, so you should be able to tell us apart.

Actually, one of the main purposes of this blog is to provide a way to pass on information about performances, mine, or my friends’, or ones I think others might enjoy, without having to bug you with emails, which seems pretentious, but is perhaps no more pretentious than asking you to read my blog, or add it to your feed reader. I’ll be using it for other things, too, but I hope I can set it up so that if you do want to know when I’m singing, but don’t want to hear my comments on Red Hook life or museum-world goings-on or what I read, you can get a separate feed just for performances.


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