A visit from the champions of chanson

Our friends Eric and Sylvia came to rehearsal tonight. It was of course fun to sing and talk with them, and it reminded me that I ought to put up a link for Asteria and make sure to track their local performances. E and S formed the duet Asteria a few years ago and, just months after getting together, were the stunning winners of the first Early Music America bi-annual prize, now called the Unicorn Prize. The Streetsingers regard them as our kids made good: they met in the group and became both life and musical partners. They spent three months this summer in France, mostly in Burgundy, performing, researching, and thinking about music; this followed a full year spent there in 2007. In Dijon, they worked in the archives to assemble the chansons of Antoine Busnois, which have never been published in full, apparently. It all sounds very productive, and the pictures of the chateaux they stayed in are enough to make one vividly green.

I’ll talk about them again, but for now I’ll leave you to check out their website. Do listen to the music, because after all that’s the point, and I think they have really created something special in their very intense, very felt approach to the Burgundian chanson repertory they specialize in.


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