Shapenote at Services at Plymouth Church, September 14 – UPDATED

As an introduction to the shapenote music that will take over their church hall the following week (see below), Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims has invited a group of local shape-note singers to serve as “choir” at their Sunday services from 11 to noon on September 14. When I know what we’ll be singing, I’ll post a list. Services will be in the beautiful 1850 sanctuary on Orange Street, which I know from having attended High Holiday services there years ago (the church lent its space to the Brooklyn Heights Synagogue). UPDATE: Aldo has forwarded the carefully selected list of songs — after the jump for anyone interested.

Prelude: 105 Jewett, 171 Exhortation, 107 Russia, 315 Immensity, 182 Newburgh, 34 St. Thomas

Call to worship: 59 Holy Manna

Offertory: 430 Arbacoochee, 39 Detroit, 318 Present Joys, 35 Saints Bound for Heaven

Distribution of the Bread: 56t Columbiana; 56b Villulia; 503 Lloyd

Distribution of the Wine: 64 Nashville, 365 Southwell, 198 Green Street

Postlude: 208 Evening Shade, 532 Peace and Joy

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