Up in the country

George Rickey's Five Open Squares Gyratory Gyratory

George Rickey Five Open Squares Gyratory Gyratory

Thanks to my dear friend A, and despite the cancellation of the nature kayak trip we’d hoped to take and Saturday afternoon’s rains, I had a wonderful weekend in the country. On Saturday we walked in the grounds of Clermont, one of the Livingston houses along the Hudson, and got an impromptu lunch by turning up unannounced at my colleague M’s house in Tivoli (thanks, M and J).  In the drenched evening we ate corn and read our books, and then went out for English country dancing.  And on sparkling Sunday we spent three hours at Storm King Art Center on the way home.  A perfect day for it, Modernist sculpture gleaming and radiating from hill to field, snaking through the woods, or pressing out of the ground.


One thought on “Up in the country

  1. schwa says:

    Oh! Sounds like a lovely weekend! I was wondering how it was. I’ve wanted to get to Storm King ever since seeing “Rivers & Tides,” but of course w/out wheels it’s not the easiest (so I gather). Lucky you!

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