The Metropolitan Museum’s new director

Is Tom Campbell, curator in the Department of European Sculpture & Decorative Arts and great authority on tapestries. Also a very nice guy.

Edit, later: It’s funny, how this blogging thing works. I put this short entry up just a few minutes after the news came out, thinking — what? That I knew and wanted others to know? Or to know I knew? Anyway, now I see that people have indeed found it through searches for, e.g., “tom campbell met” and I think: How disappointing to get just these few words. I wouldn’t have been satisfied with a sentence and a half if I’d been the one searching. It needs at least a link to the press release. I mean, anyone making this search already knew what I’m telling. Okay, now they know I think he’s a nice guy, but that’s not much added benefit. So here are a few links:

The Museum’s press release

The catalog for Tapestry in the Baroque

The Met’s website entry for the exhibition, last fall

Michael Kimmelman’s positive, but not entirely uncritical, analysis in the NYT this morning


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