Coming Attractions — Performances of interest

update 6/13 — Recent Posts or the blogroll may have more details of these events.

All of Early Music society is up in Boston just now. But not me. (Or Ros Morley, whom I saw on Union Street an hour ago.)

, July 12-19 and 19-26. Music of England and Spain. I expect to attend the second week.
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March 17-April 26, Cavalli’s La didone, St. Ann’s Workshop COMMENTS BELOW

Saturday, April 4, at 8, and Sunday, April 5, at 7, Hasse & Metastasio, Alcide al bivio (1760), Opera Repo at Columbia’s Casa Italiana, COMMENTS TO COME

  • May 1 and 2, Cavalli’s Giasone at the Yale Baroque Opera Program, University Theater, New Haven, 5:00; symposium Thurs evening, Friday, and Saturday COMMENTS TO COME
  • Tuesday, May 26, Sinfonia performs chaconnes (with dancers & special guests), Ethical Culture Society, 8:00.
  • 2 thoughts on “Coming Attractions — Performances of interest

    1. The shape note singing at Plymouth Church was terrific (and so is your witty blog). I look forward to more delightful music and reading!

    2. Carole says:

      Nice note about the event on the 14!!!
      — yeah, well, it’d be nicer if I’d gotten my ticket. Soon. And thanks for visiting!

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