Ukraine and Andalusia — two concerts

Friday, Sept. 19 — conflicts with the Singing School, or I’d go: The New York Bandura Ensemble performing “Love songs and dances from Cossack Ukraine” at the Ukrainian Museum, 7:00. I had never conceived that there was such a thing as the “Cossack Baroque.” Nor, before a few days ago, had I seen the word sopilka, “a Ukrainian fife, played vertically, with six to ten finger holes,” but it appears as one of the “Lemko” instruments played by the narrator’s son in Tod Wodicka’s novel All Shall Be Well . . . .More at the Center for Traditional Music and Dance.

And Sunday, Sept. 28, but after the 4:00 Gotham concert: The Tangier Ensemble in “Music from Medieval Andalusia,” Merkin Hall at 8:00. “Five master musicians on lute, violin, rebab (2-stringed hand-held bass) and tambourine with Mohammed Arabi-Serghini on viola and vocals.” Tambourine! Now you’re speaking my language. Presented by Gotham Early Music, see the link at right for details.


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