I don’t know how the concept of the pie social fits into the Brooklyn ethnographic profile. Bubby’s in DUMBO is hosting this thing on Sunday (benefit for a couple of schools). Bring your own: it’s $15 plus a pie, or $25 if pieless, for five slivers. At 1 Main Street just off the river, noon to 3. They say it’s for kids, but I’m sure there are grownups out there more than willing to wrassle an innocent toddler for the last slice of banana cream.

Enjoy your pie!


3 thoughts on “Pie.

  1. lipcan3 says:

    sounds yummy. So they’re saying my pie is worth $10, and they haven’t even tasted it!

    what’s the deal with the ‘saskatoon’ alt-text?

    I’m sure your pie’d be worth at least $10.23. I borrowed that pie photo from a blogger who labeled it as “white peach-saskatoon.” I could tell there wasn’t a layer of a city in Canada. — Okay, I looked it up. The saskatoon is what we’d call serviceberry or shadbush (Amelanchier family), and the city was named for the fruit. Happy now?

  2. lipcan3 says:

    You could call my current state happy. Serviceberry sounds so…pedestrian. If we call it that, who calls it saskatoon?

  3. pretentiotron says:

    oh, this is just torture. i had my first slice from bubby’s last week and i’m still dreaming about it. mm, mm, MM.

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