Our bookseller friend in London, Thomas H., sent me news of “Credit Crunch,” a new chocolate bar (Valrhona over honeycomb) for sale at Selfridge’s. I’m calling my broker now: everything out of mutual funds and into chocolate. (It may be all that gets us through this.) *Ironic note: the price is three pounds ninety-nine for a 150 gram bag.

Crazy Aunt Purl talks about noticing that one is arguing for one’s own unhappiness.

Can there really have been 3500 people at the Javits Center for Congregation Beth Simchat Torah’s Kol Nidre service last night? That’s a lot of queer (mostly) Jews; most of whom, apparently, will be writing in “Sharon Kleinbaum” on the VP line on November 4. The choir didn’t seem entirely at home with Salamone Rossi’s idiom in “Elohim hashivenu,” and the very different underlay surprised me; although now I’ve listened to RSS singing it (recording from 1999), maybe it’s just not an easy piece. I liked the processional, avec dumbek. I can’t think too hard about why I was there or what I got from it, aside from music. I used to suffer more from the inherent conflict (non-believer at prayer, to put it most simply) but now I mostly shrug past it; it’s less painful, but also less thoughtful.


2 thoughts on “Scraps.

  1. schwa says:

    1) I LOVE the idea of the “credit crunch” chocolate bar. Sign me up to get those-!

    2) Crazy Aunt Purl is so right. I learned the same thing when I realized I didn’t want to become a lonely, bitter old woman like the elderly woman who used to live below me. Of course, some days I forget…so thanks for the reminder.

  2. Tam says:

    “I’m calling my broker now: everything out of mutual funds and into chocolate. ” This going on my Facebook status bar – of course, I’ll be crediting you!

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