Some things I perceived, through one sense or another, today:

A man with a guitar, accompanied by a small pink princess on a scooter;
The rough schist side wall of a brick-fronted warehouse on the Red Hook waterfront;
One of these,

borrowed from the National Park Service

Yellow-rumped warbler

I think, in the new plantings between the warehouse and the water;
Silver light on blue riffled water, a very bright, warm autumn day;
The various sweet, herbal, and bitter tastes of three amaros at LeNell’s;
An angry buzzing — a bee caught in my quilt when I brought it back in from the windowledge, where it had been airing all day

I ran into my wonderful downstairs neighbors, L and J, and learned that they’ve started yet another new band. It doesn’t have a name yet but they characterized its genre as “dork-shanty.” J says there’s a lot of irregular time signatures. I know a lot of regular shanties, and they are hardly ever in 11/8 time, so it’s hard to imagine. I’ll just have to go hear them and find out.


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