Catching up, #1 — New York All-Day Singing

I never reported on the wonderful time that was had, I venture to say, by damn near all over the weekend of the New York City All-Day Singing. We started out strong with Friday night’s singing school, taught by Richard DeLong and Judy Caudle. Laura Borelli has just posted a clip of a Friday night high point, Judy C. calling Judy Hauff up to lead her gorgeous tune, “Wood Street” (#504). (The clip’s just the shapes, so it’s short.) That’s Judy H on the left and Judy C on the right.

I had the profound responsibility of being Snack Girl for the night and I think I didn’t let Diane down.

Then Saturday, raising the roof for hours in the high and large Hillis Hall with Tiffany windows looking down on us, and perfect weather, not that we got to see much of it except when we trickled out to various spaces on the church grounds for lunch. I led early (#65, “Sweet Prospect”), in the Locals set, and the sound and the happy looks coming back at me were just wonderful. Later we had a visit from Spider-Man, up in the balcony. My friend Alan also came by for a while. I stayed for the composers’ symposium and was delighted to read through pieces by Aldo, Justin, Jesse, and Roland.

Finally, a nicely intense session at St. Bart’s on Sunday, a chance to get to some of those many favorites that didn’t turn up in the — how many, Lauren? Ninety or so? — songs that we did on Saturday.

My guest for the weekend, Ina S., and I got along very well, all credit to Sarah for matching us up. I’m not sure what the rule is, anyway; what do you do with your guest? Saturday night I admitted that I hadn’t got anything more planned (past surviving seven hours of shapenote), she had already hung out with her friends, and so we walked home, opened a bottle of wine, dug out some leftovers and settled in for a good talk. Ina knows everyone, apparently. I am thinking hard about getting down to Phila. for her convention, Keystone, in January.


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