Music at St. Luke’s concert series

St. Luke in the Fields, one of the nicest churches around town for hearing early music, presents a series of concerts spanning the centuries from late 15th to early 19th this year. The concerts are on Thursdays, so I have to strike them ruthlessly from my list; otherwise I would be very tempted by the first one, November 13, music of Schutz influenced by Gabrieli (and including cornetto, one of my favorite instruments), and February 5th’s Ockeghem program.

The series also includes music of Heinrich von Biber on March 5, organ music of Mendelssohn and Brahms on March 26, and Bach’s six motets (not motels, as I initially wrote, though that’s an interesting thought. Maybe one of those old-fashioned ones with separate little huts, shaped like chalets or tepees or, I don’t know, maybe organ pipe arrays for the Bach Motels? Somewhere in the Catskills) on April 30. There’s a pre-concert lecture at 7 for each. I’m adding St Luke’s to the blogroll so you can check in for yourselves.


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