About those Coming Attractions . . .

It has dawned on me with arctic slowness that anyone who comes to this blog by searching for something specific, or who is good enough to actually put me in their feed reader, is not going to see COMING ATTRACTIONS, which, while it is updated all the time, takes the form of an old post permanently stuck to the front page.  And I want you, my reader, to see that list.  So I have come up with two ideas: one, to put a link to “Coming Attractions” in each new post, or at least when there’s been an update to the schedule, or two, to shift this calendar information into a sidebar.  That would have the advantage of freeing up the top of the front page for the newest post, but there’s much less room and it would push down the other sidebar elements.  Should I move the haruspexical explanation (under “Predictions”) to the About page?

To be decided.


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