MMA alert — Last days for British prints

The informal internal warning system consisting of cases lined up in the ground-floor corridors reminded me that this is the last week for Rhythms of Modern Life — British Prints 1914-1939 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you haven’t seen these beautiful, dynamic prints, get over there. (Hmm, I have to make arrangements to pick up our little Claude Flight book when the show’s de-installed on Monday.)

At the Print Fair in November, soon after the show opened, one booth after another featured prints by these artists (with a little label referring to the Met show catalog). At maybe the fourth dealer with a wall full of Sybil Andrews and Lili Tschudi, I finally said: “I’ve never seen any of these before, and suddenly every third gallery has got them. Did you all have them in suitcases in the attic, or what?” The salesperson replied, “I wish we did,” adding dampeningly, “but we have been representing these artists since the twenties.” (The images were mostly colorful images of cars, waterfall-like Tube escalators, and horse races, rather than the black and gray scenes of war and death that fill the first room of the exhibition.)


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