Renaissance Street Singers’ loft concert 2009, Feb. 22 and March 1

Friends: The Streetsingers’ 2009 Loft Concerts will be on Sunday afternoons Feb. 22 and March 1, at 3:00. The programs are identical (see below) and each concert will be followed by a party that will, like all Streetsingers parties, include open singing of RSS repertory (participation optional, of course). If you’d like to attend, please follow the link to find the address and email John Hetland with the date and number of reservations; mention that you’re a friend of mine if you think he won’t know you. The concerts are free, although you’re welcome to bring an edible contribution to the party.

Even though John owns more chairs than anyone you know, seating is limited, so please be courteous and, if you won’t be able to come, cancel your reservation as soon as you can so that John can promote someone off the waiting list. And don’t be late; the doors will be closed at 2:55, as there’s no way to sneak discreetly into the loft while a performance is going on.

AN ALTERNATIVE: Next weekend, January 25, at 3:00 we’ll be performing the concert set at Lincoln House, an apartment complex west of Lincoln Center on 66th Street, so that’s another opportunity to hear it in a space with seating. (We do have a way to go before achieving perfection, or what passes for it among us, however.)

There doesn’t seem to be a theme this year. As usual, we will sing the sections of the ordinary of the Mass drawn from five masses by five composers, interpolated among motets.

139M- Vidi aquam – Manuel Cardoso (Portuguese; 1566-1650)
40Gs- KYRIE, Missa Sancta Maria succurre – Nicolas Gombert (South Netherlandish; c.1495-c.1560)
27M – Taedet animam meam – Orlande de Lassus (Franco-Flemish; c. 1532-1594)
54Tr – GLORIA, Missa Tradent enim vos – Manuel Cardoso (Portuguese; 1566-1650)
107M- Oratio Jeremiae – Costanzo Porta (Italian; c.1528-1601)
115M- Pater noster – Costanzo Porta (Italian; c.1528-1601)
98Gj – CREDO, Missa Gaudeamus – Josquin des Prez (French; c.1452-1521)
– Break –
36M – Angelus ad pastores ait – Hans Leo Hassler (German; 1564-1612)
137P – SANCTUS, Missa L’Homme armé – Matthaeus Pipelare (South Netherlandish; c.1450-c.1515)
94M – Magnificat Quarti toni – Gutierre Fernández Hidalgo (Spanish of South America; c.1547-1623)
138W- Vox in Rama – Giaches de Wert (Flemish, active in Italy; 1535-1596)
90M – Salve Regina – Pierre de la Rue (Franco-Flemish; c.1452-1528)
153Ck-AGNUS DEI, Kain Adler in der Welt so schön – Thomas Crecquillon (Franco-Flemish; c.1510-1557)
106M- Tribus miraculis – Orlande de Lassus (Franco-Flemish; c. 1532-1594)

I have a hope of putting together some background on these composers and compositions, so keep an eye open if you’d be interested. John will of course have comments in the concert program.

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