Apollo, Marsyas, and more — contested music in art

I’ll be taking the day off Friday to hang out at the Big Tomb and attend the first day of a symposium entitled Instruments of Passion: Music, Painting, and the Contest of the Arts, sponsored by the Metropolitan, Columbia, and the Freie Universistat, Berlin. (Bizarrely, this event goes unmentioned on the Columbia website.) Day One is at the Met, Day Two at Columbia’s Italian Academy at 116th and Columbus. Since you can’t find it elseweb, as far as I know, here’s a quick rundown: [EDIT: I guess I didn’t try very hard; the full program is at the Renaissance Society of America site.]

11:00 Opening remarks, Lydia Goehr, Columbia, and Andrea Bayer, MMA
11:15: “The End of the Contest: On Philosophy, Painting, and Photography in the History of Modernism,” Arthur Danto
12:15: “Watteau and the Contest Between Melpomene and Thalia,” Georgia Cowart (an early taste of this Fall’s exhibition on Watteau and Music at the Met)
2:30: “King David’s Harp, Beckmesser’s Lute,” Lydia Goehr
3:30: “‘Most musical of mourners, weep again!,'” David Rosand

9:30: “The Masked Singer: The Auditory Perception of Beauty in Renaissance Italy,” Giuseppe Gerbino
10:30: “Marsia’s Lament: Animating the Contest of Marsyas and Apollo in Barberini Rome,” Wendy Heller
12:00 “Athene and Marsyas,” Gertrud Koch
2:00 “‘Mi manca la voce’: Silent Music in Balzac’s Novellas,” John T. Hamilton
3:00: “‘The Natural Instrument of the Voice’: Apollo, Marsyas, and Andrea Sacchi’s Portrait of the Soprano Marc’Antonio Pasqualini,” David E. Cohen
4:30: “Painted Sounds– Imaginary Music,” Klaus Kruger
7:00 Performance: J.S. Bach’s Cantata BWV 201, The contest between Phoebus and Pan.

The defeated Marsyas

The defeated Marsyas

Everything’s free except the concert, which is $10 or donation.[


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