Bassano revival

EDIT: I knew I should have read yesterday’s Fine Art section of the Times before the Performing Arts. All this interest in Bassano was undoubtedly sparked by Carol Vogel’s “Inside Art” column, in which Keith Christiansen tells the story about trustee Mark Fisch buying the painting for the Museum that would have been indiscreet of me to tell in January. Let me mention that there’s another Bassano visiting from Pasadena down the road at the Frick, in the show of five master paintings from the Norton Simon Museum.

I think some teacher must have assigned a paper on the Jacopo Bassano Baptism of Christ at the Met, as I’ve been seeing a bunch of hits based on Google searches. My post is hardly scholarly, but at least it’ll help them find it in the Museum. Hey, write me a note and let me know what’s going on! And I hope you like the painting.


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