Spent a little time with the Young Farmers of South Brooklyn at the Greenhorns’ Goat Spit benefit this afternoon. Okay, they’re not officially the YFs of SB, but the healthy cheer, the gingham, the flowers in the hair of a lot of people between 22 and 33, the rooftop tomatoes, the campaign to legalize beekeeping in NY (I’m all for it, I signed the petition), the bike-powered blender, the grill full of goat, the Six Point beer in mason jars, even hay bales on the sidewalk — and all just three blocks east of me and the chicken slaughterhouse. The mysterious Vermont Pharmacy that’s stood tempting but empty for ten years at least was opened at last, a romantic tin-ceilinged location. (A sign said we might be filmed for a documentary, but I saw no cameras.) The sidewalk shed wrapped around the corner provided a useful rain shield for the flyers, petitions, and button-&-sticker sales. I loved the truck farm — a pickup truck with a planting bed in its bed, tomatoes staked against the window, herbs, broccoli, and I don’t know what all in neat rows (and a toy cow for scale confusion). I happened to be there at one of the rainless half-hours of the afternoon, coming home from the library with Howard Sturgis, Graham Greene, and Colette in my bag.

It was really kind of adorable, though I felt awfully middle-aged. If I find any good pictures, I’ll stick them in here.


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