New look, new year

I’m actually a few days late but we can call this the Haruspex’s anniversary, since I launched it on Labor Day last year. Whaddaya think of the new look? A lot like the old look, right? But a little different. (Who in god’s name uses those futzy WordPress themes with hipster gals or flowers?) New Red Hook silhouette header borrowed from Flickr user Krzysztof Poluchowicz (Krzysztof, if you object, I will take it down right away).

I’ve moved Coming Attractions to the sidebar; important as it is, having it as a permanent top entry made the blog seem even more static than it was. I mean, I really had made updates since September 18 of last year.

While the Haruspex lay in a coma, people kept stopping by its hospital bed, most of them apparently looking for Hans Hoffmann’s wild boar piglet. Who knew this would be a big draw? It was a wonderful drawING, though. (Sorry.)

So, I’m back, I think, determined not to get bogged down. For example, I really wanted to tell you more about the Baroque operas last year, and I got stuck. We shall see what we shall see.


One thought on “New look, new year

  1. lisa peet says:

    Excellent new look — beauty and mystery. Here’s to another year.

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