NYCADS 09 Food tally — Updated Weds Sept 16

This post is going to be of rather specialized interest. If you are thinking of bringing food for the New York City All-Day Singing at the Fifteenth Street Meeting House on September 19, take a look and see what has already been offered. You can post a comment or email me (address on About page) to ask a question or make an offering. Also, let me know if you will be willing to help set up (means arriving before 10) or to clean up. Thanks in advance to everyone for what is already looking like a great outpouring. Right now, it looks like we could use more salads, sides, and sweets — many of the early responders have offered hefty entrees. But whatever you want to bring will be gratefully received and eagerly devoured.

For inspiration, a couple of food blogs that have great recipes for potlucks are Smitten Kitchen and 101 Cookbooks (she’s got a lot of veggie recipes).

A few things to bear in mind: The closer your dish is to ready to go when it arrives (in a suitable dish for serving, with utensils), the easier it will be for everyone. There are several good-sized lunchrooms downstairs or we can sit out on the flagged court in front of the meetinghouse, but NO FOOD OR DRINK may be brought into the sanctuary (this includes water). We will have access to the oven if you need it, but fridge space is limited, so no butter sculptures, please. The list follows.

Turkey loaf (or loaves)
Baked, sliced ham
Meat loaves
Glass noodles with vegetables*
Pasta with vegetables*
Macaroni salad, shepherd’s pie
Two quiches
Green bean salad
Candied sweet potatoes
Mashed potatoes
Collard greens (non-vegetarian)
Sweet potato casserole
Green bean casserole
Green beans (we love green beans!)
Vegetarian pasta salad
Vegetarian chili
Pulled pork barbecue
Chili-cheese casserole
Veg dish
Vinaigrette potato salad
Cabbage slaw
Mustard-tarragon potato salad
Gelatin salad (maybe!)

Coconut flan
Pies (apple, blackberry-peach, buttermilk, unspecified, could use more!)
Chocolate cake
Pineapple upside down cake
Apricot tart or coffee cake (which? I think apricot tart sounds gorgeous)
Banana bread

Whole-wheat bread
Hummus & pita (could use more)
Veggies & dip
Homemade bread
Cornbread dressing

*Needs oven

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2 thoughts on “NYCADS 09 Food tally — Updated Weds Sept 16

  1. narani says:

    hi nancy
    what time is the meal? i will probably bring a pie.

  2. […] feeding them all is my responsibility! But everyone’s pitching in, of course. The logistics will be the hardest part: getting […]

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