New York all-day shapenote singing 2009

As all my friends are far too aware, the New York City All-Day Singing for 2009 is this coming weekend — the All-Day itself is bracketed by a singing school on Friday night and the Manhattan Third Sunday singing on Sunday afternoon. We should have nearly every regular singer in New York, most of the irregulars, and dozens of visitors (I hear there’ll be someone from Australia). (This being modern urban Sacred Harp, a few singers will have Rosh Hashanah obligations. Personally, I’m just going to give Gospel Trumpet an OT aspect and think of it as the shofar; tricky, with all that stuff about riding a flood of redeeming blood, but we can try.) 150 people? Two hundred? The meetinghouse, accustomed to quiet Quakers, will be trembling.

And feeding them all is my responsibility! But everyone’s pitching in, of course. The logistics will be the hardest part: getting everything where it should be, having spoons to dish it out with, forks to fork it up with, coffee to wash it down with — stuff like that. (Click that link right above if you are thinking of bringing an offering.)

So to recap, that’s:

  • Singing School with Henry Johnson, all the way from Fyffe, Alabama: Friday, September 18, 7-9:30, at St. Paul’s Church, 199 Carroll Street in Carroll Gardens. We’ll be in the parish hall.
  • All-Day Singing: Saturday, September 19, 10-4, at the Fifteenth Street Meeting, 15 Rutherford Place.
  • Sunday singing: Sunday, September 20, 2:30-5, at St. George’s Church, 209 East 16th Street, right near the meetinghouse.
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