Like fire!

My friend Lisa Peet is my most faithful, perhaps my only faithful, reader, but in other ways she shows excellent taste. She’s just started a sparky new litblog called Like Fire and I recommend you hop over there and check it out, if for nothing else than to admire Lisa’s talent for finding a witty image for her comments. Time to update the blogroll.


2 thoughts on “Like fire!

  1. Lisa Peet says:

    Why, thank you! And I was just thinking about you this morning on the train, while reading this:

    “In 1878 near Piacenza in the Po valley a unique object turned up: a bronze model of a sheep liver. The surface was divided into 40 compartments enclosing the names of various gods such as Cilens, Ani, Hercle, Thuflthas Muantras, and Satres. Without a Rosetta stone it has been necessary to proceed inchwise, as Mayan linguists do, but still there has been progress and several of these names have been correlated with familiar Latin gods. Others remain incomprehensible. The liver, being the seat of life, was a rich source of information. A priest would examine the liver of a sacrificed animal for blemishes or deformity, and after interpreting what he saw he would consult the Libri Haruspicini for an appropriate ritual. The bronze liver unearthed at Piacenza might have been used to instruct apprentices.”

    (From Evan S. Connell’s The Aztec Treasure House, in an article on the ancient Etruscans.)

    — Thanks, Lisa! I think I shall become a devotee of Thuflthas Muantas. Just imagining the pronunciation is practically a religious experience. There’s an image of the bronze liver of Piacenza at my Ides of March post.

  2. lisa peet says:

    Awesome! I knew I could count on you to correlate my experience.

    Sadly, I left out a comma and Thuflthas and Muantas are two separate gods. I was thinking, though, that Thuflthas would be an excellent name for a cat.

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