Finally, Blue Heron

For anyone who might read this who hasn’t received the personal pitch: I really think that this Sunday’s performance by Blue Heron is going to be one of the hot Renaissance sacred music concerts of the season. Yeah, yeah, I hear the snickering, but hey. You have your offbeat enthusiasm and I and my early music posse have ours, okay?

My friend Janet asked the very fair question: Why do I think it’s going to be so good? I said: Previous listening and my deep respect for the director. And that’s it. I’ve heard them and I heard excellent voices, but more than that, sensitive understanding of the music. I had the chance to sing under Scott Metcalfe, the director, for a week, and — let me put it this way: I’d gladly have worked on that same piece for another week just to feel and hear it getting better and better every hour.

So that’s my recommendation for the week. Four o’clock Sunday at St. Ignatius of Antioch Church on 87th St. and West End Avenue. But if you don’t like vocal music, or something, Parthenia performs Jacobean viol music at Corpus Christi for Music Before 1800 at the same time and that’ll be good too.

The Streetsingers will perform early, one o’clock in Grand Central, for anyone who wants even more Renaissance a cappella. The acoustics in the station are pretty amazing, but I don’t think you’ll be confused about relative quality.


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