Early Music this weekend

It’s a busy weekend: too busy, in that everything’s happening at once. Sunday at 2:00 there’s the “Sunday at the Met” program on Watteau, Music, and Theater, with a talk by the admirable Georgia Cowart and music by Robert Mealy & friends. That starts at 2:00. The real crunch is at 4:00, when Stile Antico sings at Corpus Christi, Sinfonia Praetorius plays and sings German early Baroque repertory at Immanuel Lutheran Church (Lex & 87th), and my friends Amy Bartram and Ekko Jennings perform lute songs of Campion and Pilkington at St. Peter’s Church in Chelsea.

On top of all this there’s my friend Nick’s orchestra, the Brooklyn Symphony, opening their season at the Church of St. Ann & the Holy Trinity (downtown Brooklyn) with Mozart, Wagner, and Tchaikowsky at 3:00, also on Sunday.

I’m going to try to do the Museum thing and then race down to Amy’s recital. I can never go to her weekday midday concerts so this is a rare opportunity. But the others are highly recommendable as well, maybe more obvious for those without my particular connections. Enjoy!


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