Tupperware diaspora

I came back on the subway from my cousin’s tonight with a chunk of apple tart still in the pan and a little parcel of turkey for Clementine & me to share. As the crowd flowed from the 6 to the F at Bleecker Street, I could see totes and grocery bags stacked with plastic containers. Outbound, we had carefully balanced the perfect circles of our pies and full platters of green beans; now, like a comet falling back to earth as a scattering of meteorites, the fragmentary remains of Thanksgiving dinners swung from our arms.

(I’ll bet that this post will be the first result returned for the search “tupperware diaspora,” should there ever be one.)


One thought on “Tupperware diaspora

  1. lisa peet says:

    I just checked and yes it is. Great image.

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