Truth is tricky, and, with sugar, sticky

Back from Katharine Weber’s book event at the terrific new bookstore in Fort Greene, Greenlight Books. Katharine’s fifth novel, True Confections, concerns a candy company in New Haven, Conn. I sat with my friend Lisa P. and we laughed when K. read her narrator’s condemnation of chocolate snobs who pass around tiny tastes of obscure single-origin chocolates, the darker and bitterer the better, since K did just about the same thing in Lisa’s backyard a few years ago and we all had a lovely time. A number of Lisa‘s fellow litbloggers were in the room — the conceit of the reading series is that bloggers interview authors, and Ron Hogan from Beatrice is the organizer. Katharine was fierce and funny and very much at home. Also, she brought candy. I recommend this to all authors. I don’t care, epic poetry, biography of Civil War general, guide to DIY kitchen cabinetry — just bring candy. And now I have my very own red-&-white-spiral book signed to ME ME ME. I look forward to finding out just how the highly circumstantial and convincing narrator we heard in Katharine’s reading turns out to be unreliable.


One thought on “Truth is tricky, and, with sugar, sticky

  1. schwa says:

    That sounds like a delightful time! And yes, candy in all situations makes everything better. 🙂

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