More problems, really.

I wouldn’t make anything of Fun With Problems being my return to The Haruspex. It was just waiting in the top right corner. Unless you have an interpretation? I’d love to hear it. (And it is a great title, don’t you think?)

Then, they said, in the studio Duffy had taken off all his clothes. Except, they said, for his Jockey shorts — Jockey shorts and the tweed Connemara angler’s hat he always wore against winter storms. Then he had charged into the snug warm parlor and aimed his polished oaken crossbow’s arrow at the adulterers before his fire.

“All right, motherfuckers,” he had screamed dementedly into the night, “Cupid is here.”

Well, thought Duffy, maybe so. But it was his house, his crossbow, his Otis. How, he might have challenged anyone — perhaps he had — was he to know what posing, juiced-up, cut-and-paste bastard of a creative-writing creep was on his floor? He might have been defending his home and his wife’s health and safety. Duffy knew better in these weak piping times than to speak of honor.

— Robert Stone, “The Archer,” from Fun With Problems, p. 171.


One thought on “More problems, really.

  1. lisa peet says:

    I don’t know what it all meeeeans, but that made me want to read it.

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