Seventy-two silver coffins

Is “overwrought apocalyptic” a tautology?

The ice falls, swept by time and what first impulse I do not know, only that now it falls, free in its falling, the drift of it I envy. See it roll. See the breaking of it, ice on ice, the brightness of it breaking in the twilight, breaking into shards, into dust, into shining, into a haze of light, into darkness: see it vanish.

Terrence Holt, “Aurora,” from In the Valley of the Kings, p. 59.

I know other people liked it, but it made me feel all sticky and irritable.


One thought on “Seventy-two silver coffins

  1. lisa peet says:

    If it’s any consolation, I think everyone in New York was sticky and irritable last week.

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