New York City All-Day Sacred Harp Singing, September 17-18-19, 2010

So we’re less than a week away from the annual shapenote fest (NYCADS to its friends), and expecting a big turnout of local singers, both long-time and new, and of travelers from up and down the East Coast, from the UK, and (I trust) from the Midwest and West. Let me remind everyone of the details:

Friday, September 17
. Singing School with the delightfully sparky Elene Stovall of Birmingham, Alabama, a lifelong singer of Sacred Harp who will (among other things) help demystify the whole All-Day/Convention experience — and lead plenty of songs. Seven to nine-thirty at St Paul’s Church, Carroll Gardens, on Carroll Street between Court and Clinton (two blocks from the F train).

Saturday, September 18. All-Day Singing at the Fifteenth Street Meetinghouse, 15 Rutherford Place (15th St., east of 3rd Avenue). Ten to three-thirty, with dinner on the grounds between 12:30 and 1:30. If that stretch of hours sounds daunting, you don’t have to stay all day! (If the stretch of hours seems too short, congratulations, you are a hopeless shapenote fanatic.) If you can, please bring a dish to share for the potluck. For more info and a list of what’s been offered so far, see this post.

Sunday, September 19
. Third Sunday Singing at St. George’s Chapel, on Rutherford Place a block north of the meetinghouse. One to three-thirty. It’s a beautiful place to sing and we expect a good group of devoted singers fitting in a little more singing before the weekend is over. If for any reason — and trust me, I know that Saturday is Yom Kippur — you can’t make the All-Day, do come for the Sunday singing.

If you have already let me know what you’re bringing for Saturday’s lunch, I’ve added it to the Food Tally post, and I thank you. If you know what you’d like to bring or have questions about that part of the day, please comment here or at that post, or email me at n b mandel at hotmail dot com. If you can host a visitor, contact Anna at nycads dot housing at gmail dot com. For the official notice and more links, see the NYC Sacred Harp page at

As always, these events are free and open to all. Please come sing with us.


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