My Renaissance music chorus sang up at Ft Tryon Park on Sunday; it was the day of the annual medieval festival, so we got some overspill audience including a few princesses. John explained that we were singing “the music of the future.” The festival is kind of funny. There’s music and dancing, and some jousting and swordfighting, I think done by members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, but there’s not exactly a big premium placed on historical accuracy. It’s an opportunity to dress up in velvet and funny hats, or to stroll around watching others so dressed, while eating Ye Olde Barbecue and possibly getting Ye Olde Face painted. When I was a kid and needed a medieval costume, you know I researched it and tried to find fabric in murrey color, and it was sadly lacking in lacing and bust-bulge. (Mom sewed it.) It was a beautiful afternoon, though.


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