Applesauce cake

This weekend’s baking was this applesauce cake from Smitten Kitchen, who got it from Gourmet. I made the applesauce with one enormous (baby-head-sized) Jonagold and a Braeburn and it was just about one and a half cups, as called for in the recipe, but then I didn’t use quite all of it since it was very wet. (Sure, I could have cooked it down for another five minutes.) You’ll see my comment at #256 mentioning the changes I made. I did whip up some apple-brandy-spiked cream cheese frosting and it is extra good, but hard to spread over the walnuts.

Do you really need a recipe for applesauce? Peel some apples (or don’t, if you’re eating it plain and you like the peels — they tend to give a pink tinge), cut them up, put them in a heavy pan with water, cook till soft, mash up. Don’t use really crunchy apples like Granny Smiths, they won’t cook down well, and make sure it doesn’t burn (throw in a little more water, you can always cook it out, see above). Add if you like: lemon, honey, sugar, cinnamon.


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