2011, making an entrance

Happy New Year, kittens & friends. This blog needs more pictures. I don’t have a digital camera, not even on my phone, so I have to be clever. How clever is it to forget that the new computer I got in the summer has a camera thing? Here’s my most available model:

Clementine, unexcited

I have now fulfilled one of the Internet’s principal raisons d’être, the posting of pictures of cats. It may be awhile before you see me get to the next. (What? Porn, of course.)

The wordpress people sent me an email with my year’s stats. I made 48 posts last year; that’s less than one a week. Let’s see if we can’t do better this year, what do you say? They recommended that I write more about the subjects I got the most hits from. Well, the leader by far, though attention has dropped off, was “wild boar piglet” and variations, from a post I wrote in early 2009 about an exhibition at the Met. I guess not many people write about wild boar piglets, but I don’t really have an excuse to write about them again. [Hah! I just did!] I also got two separate hits from searches on “verdant selvage of Michigan,” a quotation from Padgett Powell’s The Interrogative Mood. Is it people who, like me, are curious to know whether Powell himself was quoting? (Apparently not.)

It would probably be profitable, in terms of getting readers, to decide what this blog is about.  But it’s changed, and will change again. And while I long to feel appreciated, I’m too proud, stubborn, lazy, or something else, to angle for readers.

I do try to keep Coming Attractions up to date, at least in terms of what I’m doing myself in the short term.  Streetsingers’ Loft Concerts are March 20 and 27 this year.  Late.  And those who know me well may notice something significant about one of those dates.

Resolutions: Not to leave dirty dishes in the sink when I leave the house.  To be less cranky at rehearsal.  To bake instead of thinking about baking — which I’d better get up and do right now.


2 thoughts on “2011, making an entrance

  1. schwa says:

    Oh my goodness, Clemie is so CUTE in these pix!!! Nice work with the lighting and the colors.

    And very funny about the wild boar piglet. 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    well, actually there is at least one other person in the world who tried to find out more about ‘the verdant selvage of Michigan’, thinking it was a quote. Me. I am one of the (mad? crooked? just curious? strange? dedicated? or?) people in the world who started answering all the questions in Powell’s book. I just reached the verdant selvage of Michigan (question 753). Being Dutch, it is even harder for me than for you to find out where it came from. Now that I know that ‘selvage’ has several meanings, the phrase has become intriguing indeed. The Dutch translator just chose for ‘groen’ = green. Very inadequate. Has Michigan an edge that looks like it is woven so that it will not unravel? The Dutch translation of ‘selvage’ is ‘zelfkant’, with the fig. meaning of ‘riffraff’, ‘dregs of society’. Which brings me from approaching a green Michigan by boat, to the outskirts of Denver…..

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