I had my Brooklyn cousins over for dinner last week. It turns out that three of my four first cousins once removed (the children of the children of my father’s sister) are living in Brooklyn now; we agreed that the fourth (with her new husband) could be honorary Brooklynites.  Including one more husband, there were seven of us in all, so too many for my dining table, but no one objected to laps and coffee tables.  The menu included this parsnip and carrot soup from the New York Times, which was the hit among the set, I think, gently anise’d by tarragon.  I brought leftovers to my friend C’s Sunday movie night (NORTH BY NORTHWEST, as fabulous as ever; I had never before tallied how much it is about Modern architecture, and transportation).  Then we had the mushroom lasagna from Smitten Kitchen that I’d made for the shapenote gang, and a root vegetable fattoush from the same source.   Both fine, though I think the latter could have used more of the sumac I bought just for this. G brought green salad; J brought fudge and D and M, rugulach, which was fortunate as I never managed to make the plum torte I’d had in mind.  Saskia served as additional entertainment.  Thanks for coming, cousins!


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