It’s about time that I showed you something from perhaps my two most faithful correspondents over the years.  I want to stick to the late 80s period, and by coincidence (but not at random) I find cards from them both in the same year on the same theme.

FLW x 2

FLW x 2

Fallingwater, Oct. 18, 1989, from Zach, cancelled in Normalville, PA (really).  I visited this justly famous house with a different boyfriend, Corey, the year I went to Pittsburgh with him at Christmastime.  Though not for Christmas, as his parents were kosher-keeping Jews.  I saw it in snow, rather than autumn colors.  Anyway, Z writes, “These laurel hills remind me of my Blue Ridge.”  We had by then visited the North Carolina mountains together, I guess, although I find it so hard to remember the order and  timing of events.  Z is from South Carolina; I met him in criticism graduate school, same place I met Jeff (vid Architêtes in Episode 4).

Frank Lloyd Wright with students, Taliesin West, Spring Green, Wisconsin, 1937; photo by Bill Hedrich.  May 9, 1989, from Nicole in Brooklyn.  N writes, “Thanks for François and that 2 timing Ken.  Here’s Frank L. and the serious young men.” I can neither remember nor guess what “François and that 2 timing Ken” might have been. Maybe I’ll ask Nicole.  N is my oldest friend in the world and I’ve relied on her often to remind me what I was doing in those many parts of our lives we’ve lived together.  The correspondence between us goes back to the depths of childhood.  N mostly grew up in Arlington, VA, but in 1989 she was living in Park Slope (one reason I moved there a year or so later) and either still in film school or working as a film editor.  See above for my difficulty in getting times and dates right. And I trained as a historian! I knew I wasn’t good enough, though.


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