Luck of the.

I wanted to contribute to dinner at Camille’s for Movie Night, but I know by now that C has usually got the main categories well covered, so I offered to bake and bring a moderately-timely Irish (or Irish-ish) soda bread.  I looked at at least a dozen recipes and had these four open when I was baking.  In the end I relied most on the King Arthur Flour Irish brown bread, but changed pretty much everything.  (Considering (a) how varied the recipes were and (b) soda bread’s something made by rustic grandmas, stringent accuracy seemed not required.) I decided I needed only a three-cup bread, so I used two cups of all-purpose and a cup of mixed whole wheat and oat flakes, a tablespoon of sugar, approximate 3/4 amounts of salt, baking soda, and baking powder, a tablespoon or so of melted butter, a little over a cup of yogurt blended with almond milk, a touch of vinegar to make sure there was enough acid, and a third-cup or so of soaked currants and raisins.  Aside from sticking to the ungreased (dumb!) cast iron skillet I baked it in, it came out handsomely brown and craggy and tasted very good, not so dry or so plain as “real” soda bread but not so ornamented as to approximate cake.  It was eaten with glee by the Movie Night gang and, the leftovers, by me for breakfast.  I wish I had a picture.

I made another yeast bread on the more-or-less Bittman method, this one almost white with a little chickpea flour and some oats.  I let it over-rise on the first rise, but it still worked out nicely. And another batch of the super ranger cookies.


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