I live on the west coast of Brooklyn, work in a museum library, and do a bunch of amateur singing. Yes, I have a cat. So sue me.

Oh: apparently I need to remind you that anything I say about my employer, the splendid Metropolitan Museum of Art, which I may from time to time and with love refer to as the Big Tomb O’ Art, or indeed about anything else is solely my own expression and not to be regarded as representing the position of the Big Tomb, I mean MMA, in any way.

You can email me at nbmandel at hotmail dot com.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Gene Murrow says:

    Love the site… ably reflects your wry humor and sophisticated viewpoint. Do you use kosher chickens for the entrails? Does it matter?

  2. nbmandel says:


    Kosher chickens? That’s just all kinds of wrong. Besides, as you know, they tend to answer a question with a question.

  3. Martha says:

    nb…what a lovely blog…do you know my old colleague Michael Lapthorn?

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