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Haruspex Day 2018


Well, hi, augury fans! The Ides of March come again, and what has your favorite haruspex to say?

Finding myself somewhat short of sacred animals to slaughter, I took a deep look into my morning oatmeal in search of signs.  No surprise, the future looked kind of lumpy and ill-formed. Chaotic, though in a calm way. I mean, I like oatmeal!. But it doesn’t tell you much; it doesn’t give off information. The future, in oatmeal, is just a blob with some bits in it. And to tell the truth, or sooth, that’s how I do see the future — and that’s at the best: enjoyable for the moment but no through-story. At worst, it’s the burned, stuck-on, tasteless, and grim remnants of something that used to be sustaining.

Thus always to tyrants?


Lamb’s liver.

Babylonian haruspicy in comic form. By Jed McGowan in The Appendix.

Seventeen days before the kalends of April.

I missed Haruspex Day, so in recompense I offer up this post from the Getty’s excellent blog, The Iris.

As Caesar entered the Senate, he supposedly said to Spurinna, “You realize the Ides have come?” (As in, “How good a seer are you?”) Spurinna’s reply: “You realize they have not yet gone?” (As in, “Just wait!”).